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What Top Travel Bloggers Love About Beaumont

When you live somewhere it can be hard to see things from an outsider’s perspective. You get the good and the bad because you’re too close to it. It’s places you see every day and real-life stressors that can cloud your judgment. Sometimes, it takes a visitor’s point of view to objectively see what makes your city great. We asked top travel experts for their opinion on Beaumont and here’s what they had to say. It just may make you look at your home a little differently afterward:

“Beaumont was one of the four Eastern Texas towns my daughter and I visited on a road trip. I knew basically nothing about the oil gusher era that put the city on the map but found myself falling down a rabbit hole to learn more and more of this interesting part of our US history. From cool street murals to an incredible food scene, world-class birding and living history, Beaumont is a wonderful place to put on your future travel list.“

Melody Pittman, Wherever I May Roam

“The main reason I hold a special place in my heart for Beaumont is nostalgia. I grew up visiting the area every summer to spend time with my grandparents, ride three-wheelers with my cousins, devour fresh Gulf shrimp with my uncle and sit quietly next to my great aunt while she smoked countless cigarettes looking up to the trees, just waiting for a rare bird sighting. In all honesty, I liked sitting with her more than the bird watching... While I'm not much for three-wheeling or bird watching these days, I still love Beaumont and being transported back to my childhood. The area has grown with so much more to offer visitors. Albeit, some things remain the same... the shrimp is still amazing and the last time I visited I swear I saw a Bald Eagle.” 

Elaine Schoch, Carpe Travel

“Beaumont is a treasure trove of history and creative talent. A long weekend isn't enough, take it slow and tour the fabulous historic homes along with the St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica. That teary-eyed, jaw-dropping beauty, first the exterior, then the doors open and the docents bring you back to the 19th-century life in Beaumont. Nature lovers and avid birders flock to Beaumont's parks and wildlife refuges, enjoy jogging, biking, horseback riding, bird watching, and wildlife photography.” 

Deborah Burst, Travel Writer

“While visiting Beaumont, I learned it was a town with an old south heritage and Texas pride with a Cajun twist. There’s no other town quite like it and no one thing defines it. Boomtown was built on oil fortunes but look for amazing natural areas (like Cattail Marsh), fun adventures (like Gator Country), and phenomenal eats (like Amelia Farm).”

Charles McCool, McCool Travel

“Beaumont is, in my opinion, one of the best places in the US to go birding, especially during the spring migration. Not only you get the spectacle of two flyways merging, but the vast array of habitats found in the area, from marshes to woodland and estuaries, make Beaumont the perfect place to view an insane number of birds. During our three-day trip, we saw over 300 species!”

Cristina Garcia, Travel for Wildlife

“The thing that stuck out to me most about my trip to Beaumont, Texas was diversity. The landscape, the people, the wildlife. I was there for the birding, which I had heard was world-class, and was still stunned by how incredible it was in person. But to discover that the environments we found them in were so varied was a real treat. As was the remarkably authentic Vietnamese food!”

Adam Sawyer, Professional Gentleman of Leisure

“Southern hospitality is real y’all from the charming people who make you feel right at home to the stretchy-pants inducing cuisine. I love destinations that give you two places for the price of one and the Louisiana Cajun culture coupled with big Texas fun (and portions) makes for an epic getaway. The community is so tight-knit you can’t go anywhere without running into at least one person (or maybe 10) you’ve met everywhere which makes any small errand feel like a reunion.”

Lauren Monitz, The Down Lo


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