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Straight Up with a Twist: 7 Crazy Drinks to Seek Out in Beaumont

It’s no secret that Texans like to drink. Some may even say that drinking is our state sport. While there are plenty of spots to grab a brewski in Beaumont, there are also several spots in town getting creative with next level beverage offerings. Rather than sticking with your usual beer or wine this weekend, why not try a craft cocktail creation? With these bartenders bringing the heat, it’s time to cheers to the freaking weekend.

Frozen Bloody Mary – Neches River Wheelhouse

Bloodies are good no matter whatever the occasion, but in the hot Texas heat, the frozen bloodies from Neches River Wheelhouse really hit the spot. Garnishedwith bacon, olives, shrimp, cheese cubes, a green bean, and rimmed with crawfish boil seasoning, it’s the perfect hair of the dog to post up with on the patio watching the ships go by. Because you know what they say, brunch without alcohol is just a sad late breakfast.

Mystery Beer – Logon Café

An “off the menu” special, sometimes the best way to find your favorite new brew is simply to ask the bartender. Socially accepted as the ultimate beer nerds, the crew at Logon Café is no different and has what they call the mystery pour. They’ll serve you whatever they feel like and make you guess what you’re drinking. Part game, part smart strategy on their part, are they just trying to empty a keg that’s not selling or introduce you to your new favorite IPA?

You’ll never know until you find out.

Mule Flight – Mellow Mushroom

Moscow Mules have been trendy for a few years now, but why commit yourself to one copper cup when you can taste multiple twists on the classic? Served as a flight of four mini pours, there’s the standard vodka base, the Mexican tequila mule, a whiskey variation, and the Jamison Irish pick-me-up, which really packs a punch. I found the original to be the best, but I guess I’m a traditionalist.

Topo Chico Coolers – Little Woodrow’s

Arguably the signature drink of Southeast Texas, people treat Topo Chico like sparkling nectar of the gods. Little Woodrow’s offers both a blueberry and watermelon cocktail with a fizzy water floater. It’s fruity and refreshing without being too sweet, which makes it all the more dangerous, especially while swinging from those swings.

Avocado Margarita – Amacate Tortilla Bar

Margaritas are always refreshing, but this rich, creamy concoction rimmed with chili lime salt at Amacate is just the sweet, spicy, salty combination you didn’t know you were craving. Plus, you can finally say drinking is healthy for a change.

Hippie Juice - Pine Tree Lodge

Frozen watermelon Pucker, grenadine, and Malibu might sound like a hangover waiting to happen, but this surprising sweet/sour combination is just the summer sipper the doctor ordered. Enjoy it on Pine Tree's newly revamped patio listening to live music overlooking the bayou.

Literally Anything – Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp

With drinks the size of your head, Tia Juanita’s is dangerous and has a distinct Mardi Gras vibe, especially at happy hour. Known for their specialty margaritas like the Orange Crush, Sangrita, and Swirl, personally, I think the mudslide is where it’s at, but there’s no going wrong with any of their frozen cocktails. Cheers!


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