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5 Family-Friendly Attractions in Beaumont to Take the Kids Before They Head Back to School

As the last few weeks of summer inevitably fly by, take time to enjoy your kids being out of school. And what better way to bond than for some good old-fashioned family fun that gets them out and about and off the devices? Besides bowling and skate parks, which everywhere seems to have, Beaumont has a few more unique kid-friendly attractions in the area. Can’t fit it all in before school starts? You could also use these an incentive to get good grades. Just be sure to take plenty of pictures and savor the memories. And maybe even treat them to ice cream afterwards.

Colorado Canyon

An amusement park on steroids, Colorado Canyon has something to satisfy even the most ADD of children. With two full 18-hole mini golf courses, a laser maze, gem and fossil mining, and an arcade, you could truly work out your spilkies and work up an appetite (don’t worry, there’s pizza for that).

Urban Air Adventure Park

An indoor trampoline park, you can free jump, attend a bouncy work out class, or challenge someone to a game of dodgeball. There’s a foam pit, battle beams (sibling rivalry, much?), indoor coaster, baskets to dunk in, rope walls and warrior challenge courses, and glow in the dark fun. Who knew trampolines were so versatile?

Beaumont Children's Museum

Part of the Civic Center, the Children’s Museum is hands-on learning through play, but the kids don’t have to know that. With lessons designed to develop sensory motor skills and interest in the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) fields, exhibits include the Dinosaur Den, Music and Drama Room, 3D sandbox, artist’s corner, and imagination playground to get the creativity flowing.

Gator Country

Part theme park, part animal show, 100% conservation sanctuary. Gator Country is the place to learn about creepy crawlies and see live animals perform. Housing over 450 mammals and reptiles, you can feed or swim with the gators and pay a visit to Big Tex and Big Al. Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, they’re the largest alligators in captivity in Texas. They also offer airboat rides through the swamp.

Fire Museum of Texas

Located behind the World’s Largest Working Fire Hydrant, this free museum is the hottest spot in town – literally. They have a collection of vintage rigs and gear and exhibits on what to do in case of emergency. Kids can play dress up, sit behind the wheel of real fire truck, and imagine what it’d be like to be a hometown hero.


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