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What Houston’s Top Food Bloggers Thought About Beaumont

This past week we hosted ten of Houston’s top food bloggers to give them a taste of Beaumont’s food scene. While they were all excited to visit, it’s safe to say they were a little skeptical coming from the big city. I think we did a good job convincing them that Beaumont’s culinary cuisine can match up to the best of them. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the experience and their favorite spots:

“I didn’t know much about Beaumont beyond the state fair and never thought about spending a long weekend there. There are a lot of places to eat and things to do. I loved the sunset Picnic at Amelia’s Farm. It really showcased the small-town charm, local farm-to-table scene, and was a beautiful backdrop. It was a nice escape from the city.”

“I thought Beaumont was a small town with nothing around. But there were a few really tasty food places that I enjoyed a lot and activities beside from just eating. Chaba Thai was amazingly good and I really like brunch at Katherine and Company, as well.”

“Before the trip, I was a little skeptical of Beaumont having good food but there were so many fun places to go and delicious things to eat. I really enjoyed both brunches (J.Wilson’s and Katherine and Co.) and the Thai place. I also really liked just walking around downtown and hearing about the history.“

“We had a blast in Beaumont and were surprised at how affordable was. You could probably have spent less than $10 at each location, which is just unheard of within Houston city limits! I would highly recommend a quick trip over if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in this small, lovely town with good food and company.”

“I was surprised Beaumont has a lot of cute places because you never hear about their food scene. I would love to go back to visit. My favorite place was Amelia Farm and Market – it had a great ambiance and the food and drinks were so good!”

“I only knew Beaumont as a small town near Houston before you get to Louisiana, but I really liked all the hidden gems, family run establishments, and how the city has so much great vintage presence. What amazed me was how the city has put so much effort into the birding and its preservation.”

“Growing up our family would stop at Sartin's for BBQ blue crabs on I-10 road-trips, but never did I think of Beaumont as a destination itself. The culinary scene boasts a delicious assortment of local favorites perfect for all palates. Stop at Tacos La Bamba for the most delicious potato tacos and end your night with a few bites of J. Wilson's Flourless Chocolate cake. You'll be surprised by Beaumont's beauty, history and charm. I know I was!”

"In general I was surprised at how many good places there are in Beaumont. It really is a foodie city in line with other places on the I-10 corridor. Katharine and Company was pretty high up for me because EVERY dessert was so good. I also really enjoyed Cattail Marsh because it was beautiful and served a great environmental purpose." 


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