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The Best Date Night Spots in Beaumont from Casual Tinder Encounters to Special Occasion Splurges

It’s hard enough narrowing down who to go out with let alone picking somewhere to meet. If it’s someone you’ve never met or a relatively new relationship, you want a place that’s casual enough that it doesn’t scare them off yet still shows you have taste and class. If you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, you want a place that’ll impress or an old haunt that’ll rekindle the romance. Check out these popular date night spots in Beaumont because dating’s hard enough, dining shouldn’t have to be.

For the Under 21 Crowd – Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Don’t go making out under the bleachers just yet. Keep it PG over froyo or fancy liquid nitrogen concoctions. Cheap and customizable, Sub Zero is basically dessert, a show and a science lesson all in one. Watch your ice cream turned from a gas to a solid right in front of your eyes and choose all the whimsical toppings your heart desires.

For the First Tinder/Bumble Meeting – Little Woodrow’s

You want to keep it casual so you can bail or slink off into a corner if it sucks (always have a friend waiting on standby to phone in an emergency if necessary). Thankfully, Little Woodrow’s is so popular it’d be easy to get lost in the crowd. Plus, it’s relaxed enough you don’t have to commit to a full sit-down meal, just cheap food truck fare as you play patio games or bullshit over cocktails to leave them wanting more.

For the First Official Date – 5 Under

The first real date is more of a test to see if you like actually each other. You want a place that’s not too loud you can’t hear one another and is a little interactive so you aren’t just sitting and staring at each other, which makes 5 Under perfect. The best way to do that is to drum up some friendly competition with a trip to the driving range or mini-golf course. Don’t worry, they still serve alcohol and injectable donuts. And yes, it’s totally acceptable to judge their athletic prowess.

For the Third Date – Finch Hutton

By now, you’re actively trying to impress one another and seal the deal. The ambiance at the Finch Hutton is ritzy and romantic, but if you don’t want to commit to a full fancy-schmancy white table cloth meal, their patio is a great happy hour spot with live music for when the conversation lulls.

For the Parents Looking to Escape – Classic Movie Night at the Jefferson

Sorry kids, mom and dad need some alone time. It’s totally acceptable to call the babysitter for Friday night movie night. And with tickets just $5, it’s an extra cheap adult night out (or just use all the money you saved on booze).

For an Anniversary – Suga’s Deep South

The classic Beaumont fine-dining spot, Suga’s is both upscale and cozy. With booths you can sink into and portions big enough to share, they have live jazz almost every weekend night so go on, enjoy each other’s company.

For a Special Occasion – The Tree

The quintessential special occasion meal, celebrate with steak and some chops cooked over an open fire. Because nothing says milestone like a big, juicy plate of meat.


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