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The Best Independent Coffeeshops to Get Your Daily Java Fix

How you take your coffee says a lot about you. Where you source it from says even more. No matter if you’re looking for a quick grab and go cup of joe or a well-appointed coffeeshop with strong beans and stronger WIFI to waste away the day, one’s relationship with coffee can be a very personal thing (it does see you first thing in the morning….lol). Whether you sway dark and strong or creamy and sweet, here’s where to get your daily dose of caffeine in the Beaumont area to help get you through the day.

Rao’s Bakery & Coffee Cafe

Inspired by traditional cafes that grace the streets of Italy, Rao’s has been bringing European charm, sips, and bites to Southeast Texas for over 70 years. They have all your standard hot and cold coffee drinks, but their specialty iced beverages are really what put Starbucks to shame with everything from Snickers Frappes to the Al Pacino (chocolate, amaretto, and coconut) for a sustained sugar high. With locations on both Calder and Dowlen in Beaumont and Spring and Nederland further afield, a Rao’s is never far away.

K2 Café & Carry-Out

The sister café to Katharine & Co., K2 is the go-to West End coffee shop with gourmet blends and scratch-made desserts. The coffee is locally roasted by Tea & Coffee America in a variety of medium to bold flavors, but other drinks to try include the KatCo, a dark chocolate and caramel Frappuccino, cold brew, or the iced chai. And of course, you can’t leave without sampling one of their famous cookies or pastries.

Hard Bean Coffee – Lumberton

With a mantra of, “those that drink together, stay together,” Hard Bean takes inspiration and flavor from around the world and brings it home. With beans sourced from Asia, Africa, and Central America, a variety of unique blends are created from plants in Kenya, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Altura, and everywhere in between. Essentially, it’s a trip across the pond right in your own backyard.

Sundara Coffee House – Groves

Another local coffee shop with a true Southern feel, the interior of Sundara is colorful, cozy, and charming. They specialize in espresso blends with beans from three different growing regions, but the Frappuccino’s and homemade ice cream are also crowd-pleasers if you’re looking to beat the heat.

The Avenue Coffee Café– Port Neches

A cute little spot in downtown Port Neches, the Avenue provides your java jolt with black eyes, red eyes, and other espresso creations. They have single origin coffee, cold brew, house blends, and everything in between. If you’re really struggling in the morning, you can even get it delivered on the Waitr app ensuring you take the saying, “but first coffee” quite literally.


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