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A Big ‘Ole Guide to Beaumont’s Masterful Murals

The Beaumont/Port Arthur area has always been a hotbed for creative talent, home to famed visual artists like Robert Rauschenberg whose colorful mixed media works have served as inspiration for decades. Over the past few years though, murals have become a big part of the mix.

With a city keen on reinventing themselves and breathing new life into a sleepy downtown, new works are constantly being added to keep it fresh and exciting. Artists are commissioned to create street scenes that depict the pride, history, and tradition of life in Southeast Texas infused with bold geometric prints and aspirational imagery. Whether you’re an art aficionado, Instagram enthusiast, road tripper looking for a place to stop and stretch your legs, or an aspiring iPhone photographer, here’s everywhere to see and shoot Beaumont’s best murals.

Pig Stand Mural

Location: 1515 Calder Ave.

Artist: Kimberly Brown

Painted to commemorate Pig Stand #41 which was built in 1941 and shuttered in 2016, a nostalgic 1950s scene encapsulates classic carhop, neon lights, and the unmistakable round structure of the establishment. Before it’s closure, the iconic restaurant and popular community hang out was eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places and the Society for Commercial Archeology named it one of the ten most endangered roadside places in the United States. More information on the history of the Pig Stand can be found at the Beaumont Heritage Society or Preservation Texas.

Frida Kahlo Mural

Location: 660 Fannin St.

One of the leading feminist icons in Mexican culture, to this day, Frida serves as an inspiring role model for revolutionaries in gender identity, postcolonialism, class, and race relations. Her work’s been described as a cross between folk art and surrealism, which was heavily influenced by Mexicanidad, a romantic nationalism and mindset to resist the cultural inferiority complex of indigenous cultures. The mural emulates her iconic self-portrait style.

Mermaid Mural

Location: 660 Fannin St.

Artist: Micky Mitchell

The sirens of the sea, mermaids have been characters in mythology for thousands of years. Said to mesmerize with their beguiling beauty and spellbinding voices, we think this one represents wild freedom and our closeness to the water.

Dragonfly Mural

Location: 660 Fannin St.

Artist: Betty Smith

A symbol of change, rebirth, adaptability, and self-realization, the dragonfly generally represents a stage of emotional maturity when one realizes there’s more to life. Spread your wings and fly, friends.

“You Are the Best Thing About Me” Quote

Location: 701 Main St.

Artist: Summer Lydick

A quote from pop sensation U2, like the lyric, the mural design is bright and cheery, perfect for adorning a wall of the civic center, which is the heart of the Beaumont community. Written in the spirit of Motown, Bono called the song an attempt at "defiant joy” despite difficult times, which sounds pretty relatable to us.

Geometric Beaumont Print

Location: 1700 Calder Ave.

Artist: Kimberly Brown

The ultimate abstract Instagram backdrop, bold geometric prints are extremely popular right now as trends are cyclical over the decades. Our brains are drawn to logical patterns and the triangle shapes and intense colors are extremely visually appealing.

Interior: Tacos La Bamba

Location: 2005 Calder Ave.

Artist: Ines Alvidres

Commissioned as part of the #eatbmt campaign, Ines’s style is distinct, the bold lines, colors, and shapes inspired by her childhood growing up near the Tarahumara Indians in Chihuahua, Mexico. It’s the perfect backdrop to indulge in tasty bites from the same region and an embodiment of our local Tex-Mex cuisine.

Interior: Crazy Cajun

Location: 2310 N. 11th St.

Artist: Ines Alvidres

Another #eatbmt installation, crawfish are a mainstay of our Cajun culture. A time-honored tradition in the South, it’s a gentle reminder that in these parts our bellies stay full and our roots run deep.

Bonus: Traffic Boxes

To date, there are over 70 painted electrical boxes crafted by locals and artists around Beaumont. Make it a scavenger hunt to find your favorite or apply to contribute your own design. Sketches must be approved ahead of time, but it’s a really unique and memorable way to leave your own mark on the community.


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