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4 Pumpkin Spice Flavored Things to Eat and Drink in SETX That Definitely Aren’t Your Basic Beverage

Pumpkin spice is more than just a caffeine buzz; it’s a fall phenomenon to seek out. So fanatical, in fact, it’s defied logic to become the top-selling flavored coffee drink of all time and a staple of American culture, full of nostalgic holiday memories, and a symbol of the season.

It’s a drink America loves to hate, yet can’t live without. And while sipping a Starbucks latte may be as basic as it gets, a number of SETX spots have turned tasty demand into a local delight. The next time you need a cinnamon nutmeg fix, skip the chain and head to one of these local spots to satisfy the craving more creatively.

Pumpkin Spice Donuts - Toasted Yolk

You’ve tried the churro donuts tower at Toasted Yolk, now embark on a sugar high of epic proportions with their donut sampler for three delightful bites. It includes their signature cinnamon sugar churro donut with caramel dipping sauce, a maple bacon donut, and their new seasonal pumpkin spice donut with cream cheese dipping sauce, which is the real game changer. Because even breakfast deserves dessert.

Pumpkin Spice Biscotti - The Avenue

The Avenue in Port Neches takes both their beverages and their baked goods seriously with “bean to cup” pours and creative flavor combinations. A cross between a biscuit and a cookie, their pumpkin spice biscotti has the perfect flaky crunch to dunk in your coffee. But, if you’re all pumpkined out or simply not a fan (no judgment), they also have other not-to-miss seasonal snacks like Hot Chocolate Hockett Pocketts (a cross between a sweet hot pocket and pop tart) and butter pecan cookies for a sweet and savory treat and drinks like the color-changing Witch’s Brew and the Graveyard Frappe with Oreos and gummy worms.

Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake - Miller’s Drive-Thru Concessions

A retro striped drive through stand in Buna, if you’re in the area or en route to Third Day Farm and Ranch for their fun fall festivities, stop by Miller's for pumpkin spice fare food that’ll magically transport you a time of carefree, whimsical carnival treats. You can’t go wrong with fried dough and powder sugar, and you can pair with a fresh-squeezed lemonade or snow cone if you’re in denial summer’s over or it’s still 90 degrees in Texas.

The Frozen Adult Version - MacKenzie’s at Brentwood

You can snag the drink that started it all at a number of spots around town from Rao’s to The Avenue, but the one at MacKenzie’s at Brentwood isn’t for angsty tweens in UGGs. If mommy’s had a long day, head to the Irish pub at the golf course for their frozen Pumpkin Spice Latte, infused with a little something stronger before taking your stress out on the green.


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