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24 Hours in Pearland

Beaumont is part of “from Houston to Beyond,” a conglomerate of the 14 cities surrounding H-Town that you can get to within a few hours. In this new series, we’ll highlight what to do with 24 hours in each of our neighboring communities.

Pears are one of the most likable fruits for their mild flavor and delightful shape. With more than 3000 varietals, their diversity embodies the city of Pearland’s charming, Pleasantville-esque appeal. Houston’s neighbor to the south, they’re known for their lush and fertile growing lands, and you can explore the namesake pears on Mary’s Creek Edible Fruit Trail or find the 20 pears painted by local artists around town. However, you choose to explore, prePEAR to be amazed.

Breakfast: But First, Brunch

Eggcellence is a fantastic café/counter that’ll satisfy you with a hearty breakfast while getting you in and out to explore quickly. From omelets and benedicts to pancake stacks, fulfill your sweet or savory cravings, or keep it light and healthy with a fresh juice and a yogurt or oatmeal bowl.

Morning: Sri Meenakshi Temple

Get a culture immersion touring the Sri Meenakshi Temple complex. One of just three like it in the US, it’s an exact replica of the Hindu Sree Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, India. Dedicated to Meenakshi, the Goddess of Marriage, take in the different temples dedicated to the different deities, see the peacocks, and try traditional Indian food at the cafeteria.

Lunch: Try Award-Winning Barbecue

Killen’s BBQ shouldn’t just be on your Pearland bucket list, but your Texas musts. Called the best barbecue period and one of the must-try restaurants in the Lonestar State, eating is one of our favorite activities, and people line up early for their award-winning ribs and brisket with coffee-infused BBQ sauce. They often sell out before 3 pm so make sure you get there early to try the pride of Texas.

Afternoon Activity: Find Your Nature Reprieve

Visit the Delores Fenwick Nature Center and learn all about the wetland’s habitat of the surrounding Gulf. There are interactive stations for kids, plus nearly two miles of hiking and biking trails and an area to fish. Located on one of the major migratory flyways, keep your eyes on the skies as birding is big in this area where several many can be observed.

Dinner: Itza Italian Night

Make it a homey Italian comfort night at Grazia. Share a few entrees and make it a spread because it’ll be too hard to choose just one of their homemade pastas and pizzas from the coal-fired oven. Don’t miss the wagyu meatballs and lasagna egg rolls.

Dessert: Cinnaholic

A DIY dessert bar, Cinnaholic is as decadent as it sounds. A gourmet cinnamon roll you can top with everything from cookie dough to caramel apple; don’t skimp on the frostings or toppings.


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